The goal of BUZZketier is to facilitate the access of people with disabilities to employment opportunities, according to their talent, experience, training and professional target. They will work in the YUUB community firstly as volunteers, having the possibility to widen their social network and to find a well paid job, where their rights will be respected and where they will be treated as equals. The YUUB community guarantees the inclusion of these people in dynamic activities, according to the interests, knowledge and experience. We want to become an inspirational and motivational environment, where participants will be recognized for their active involvement.


The BUZZketier YUUBUZZ Foundation will be a new meeting place between people from the community and the members of the private sector, or other institutions, and will provide them access to projects and activities in various fields. Personal and professional development opportunities will be facilitated within the platform offering the very possibility of interaction between the two environments.


How does this platform work exactly?
BUZZketier receives numerous requests and proposals both from direct partners as well as from other contacts in various fields. The activities focused on “Travel & Leisure” will take precedence but we already receive other proposals aimed at other fields of activity.


We expect that the people involved will show motivation, active involvement and commitment towards the activities they will engage in. Community members will receive training and education programs, special programs divided by different criteria depending on their needs.


We encourage all concerned to “spread the news”! The more people will join us, the easier we will be able to build together a proper working environment and a harmonious development, and we will become stronger and we can diversify the activities and areas in which we will engage in.