About YUUB Romania

The physical disabilities that affect people can have different shapes, can be temporary or permanent and can affect different parts of the body or whole body. People faced with such disabilities often meet different barriers in social life, in learning, difficulties regarding access to employment, personal and professional development.


YUUB Romania (Your Ultimate Unlimited Bridge) is a concept from the Netherlands, born from the desire to assist the people with motor disabilities, in all aspects of their lives, when it comes to friends or family or professional relations, social integration, access to education and to a stable job, access to recreation and tourism facilities.


In Romania there are also already numerous foundations and associations that fight for the rights and help of people with motor disabilities, but YUUB comes with a new concept in our country, organizing its activities on the principle of “Humanity united for the better” and seeking to build a community that will contribute to improving the lives of these people.



YUUB whishes that people who have a disability and / or a chronic disease have an equal status with all the other members of the society. We don’t just seek to satisfy their needs and to help them, but focus on promoting and encouraging their talents and training. YUUB will facilitate building a world community, professionally active and motivated to succeed in life.


YUBB believes, above all, in human values and cooperation between associations and foundations that have a common goal, namely to reintegrate people with disabilities into society. And, most importantly, we believe in people’s power and motivation to create a better world!


YUUB Network Romania will channel its activity on three important aspects:

  • supporting people with motor disabilities
  • creating an online community (website, forum, call center)
  • create a database, created by the very people with disabilities, which will include such Romanian citizens. This database will include information about the Romanians with disabilities, information such as date of birth, degree of disability, special needs, abilities, knowledge, hobbies and more. The information will be kept confidential and will be used in the interest of the persons registered in the database, to offer them assistance according to each person’s needs: training courses, job offers, tips and suggestions, ideas and proposed activities.


YUUB Network will offer its members access to a global community and relevant information on a multitude of topics, news from different areas, examples of other community members, a full calendar of events and countless projects, organized, in part, by YUUB.


We will have everything in one place = the online platform. The special attention the community members will get will be completed with a helpdesk / call center (24 / 7) service at which members can call.


To be able to support people with special needs we have to find out what needs they have. It is necessary to discover what they have and what they lack and how they cope in their everyday life, both in urban and in rural areas, and on vacation, in mountain or seaside resorts. Therefore, we will organize a pilot group, consisting of 50 people with disabilities, selected from several fields that will become members of YUUB Romania. We will work closely with them to better understand where help is needed to make their life easier and more beautiful.


Specifically, we will organize, in teams of 10-15 people with disabilities, plans for going out in town – to the market, mall, theater, film or in the park, to see if access ramps in various areas are functional and accessible, where modifications are needed, which are the difficulties they face in a crowded space and how they can overcome them. In terms of touristic experiences, we will organize trips sponsored by companies to see what facilities disabled people have and where improvement is needed.


The volunteers enrolled in this program will be over the age of 18, will have a physical disability, which forces them to use wheelchairs, crutches or frames, will be dynamic, active and sociable people, and, most importantly, they will show interest to get involved in the YUUB Romania community.


We can change things for the better, so let’s start with those around us, as only by helping the ones next to us we will help ourselves. Our future depends on what we do now so we expect you to get involved, to build together a better world and we guarantee that together with the YUUB Romania community you will live memorable experiences.